WordPress is a very useful platform when you want to build a website and add functionality, but do not have the time or background that it would take to build a custom website from scratch. There are also other benefits of using WordPress, including active, open source development community, frequent security updates, and plenty of 3rd party plugins, many of them free of cost, to add functionality to your website. You can even launch an e-commerce shop with minimal effort, no coding required, by installing WooCommerce on your WordPress site.

There are, however, times when the type of customization you want is just not possible with an out-of-the-box plugin. When WordPress otherwise suits your needs, and you need to add a functionality that doesn’t exist, or implement an existing plugin in a different way than it works, you need a custom WordPress plugin or WordPress plugin customization. So what is the difference?

Custom WordPress Plugin Design in Dayton OH

Jengas Digital Solutions specializes in building custom WordPress plugins to allow your WordPress website to perform in new and novel ways, depending on your needs. Some examples of custom WordPress plugins are:

  • Make your WooCommerce web store communicate with your web based point of sale system
  • Import content to your WordPress website from an external data feed and match to existing content
  • Create a form to capture leads and process the custom logic your business needs in the background
  • There are many more use cases in which a custom plugin will do the job you need better than stacking plugins that you only need a small piece of and slowing down your website.

Contact us today with any questions or ideas you have for a custom plugin and one of our experienced WordPress Experts will respond with a quote!

WordPress Plugin Customization in Dayton OH

Jengas digital solutions is Dayton’s WordPress plugin customization experts. Already have a plugin, but it stopped working? We can fix it for you, quickly and easily. One of the things that makes WordPress great, the frequent updates and ability to change themes at will, can also cause headaches if your previously working plugin suddenly stops working. Just this week, I repaired a custom WordPress plugin for a customer who had changed themes and who needed additional information to be processed by and passed through a custom form. Other times, you might find a plugin that does 80% of what you want, and we can customize that plugin to do the additional 20%.

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